This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Gets a string from the list box of a combo box.

int GetLBText(
   int nIndex,
   LPTSTR lpszText 
) const;
void GetLBText(
   int nIndex,
   CString& rString 
) const;



Contains the zero-based index of the list-box string to be copied.


Points to a buffer that is to receive the string. The buffer must have sufficient space for the string and a terminating null character.


A reference to a CString.

The length (in bytes) of the string, excluding the terminating null character. If nIndex does not specify a valid index, the return value is CB_ERR.

The second form of this member function fills a CString object with the item's text.

// The pointer to my combo box.
extern CComboBox* pmyComboBox;

// Dump all of the items in the combo box.
#ifdef _DEBUG
   CString str, str2;
   int n;
   for (int i=0;i < pmyComboBox->GetCount();i++)
      n = pmyComboBox->GetLBTextLen( i );
      pmyComboBox->GetLBText( i, str.GetBuffer(n) );

      str2.Format(_T("item %d: %s\r\n"), i, str.GetBuffer(0));
      afxDump << str2;