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How to: Remove Deleted Records

Visual Studio 2005

After marking records for deletion, you can remove them permanently from disk.

To remove marked records from disk

  1. Open the table in a browse window.

  2. On the Table menu, click Remove Deleted Records.

  3. When prompted to confirm deletion, click Yes.

    The marked records are removed from disk, and the browse window closes.

To remove marked records from disk programmatically

  • Use the PACK command

For more information, see PACK Command.


PACK has two clauses: MEMO and DBF. Calling PACK without the MEMO or DBF clauses removes records marked for deletion in the table (.dbf) file and the associated memo (.fpt) file. When you call the PACK command, make sure the table has been opened exclusively. To delete records in the table file only and leave the memo file untouched, use PACK DBF. To remove unused space in the memo file without removing records marked for deletion in the table file, use PACK MEMO.

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