Native and .NET Interoperability

Native and .NET Interoperability


Visual C++ supports interoperability features that allow managed and unmanaged constructs to co-exist and interoperate within the same assembly, and even in the same file. A small subset of this functionality, such as P/Invoke, is supported by other .NET languages as well, but most of the interoperability support provided by Visual C++ is not available in other languages.

In This Section

Mixed (Native and Managed) Assemblies

Describes assemblies generated with the /clr (Common Language Runtime Compilation) compiler option that contain both managed and unmanaged functionality.

Using a Windows Form User Control in MFC

Discusses how to use the MFC Windows Forms support classes to host Windows Forms controls within your MFC applications.

Calling Native Functions from Managed Code

Describes how non-CLR DLLs can be used from .NET applications.

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