CCommandLineInfo Class
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CCommandLineInfo Class

Aids in parsing the command line at application startup.

class CCommandLineInfo : public CObject

An MFC application will typically create a local instance of this class in the InitInstance function of its application object. This object is then passed to CWinApp::ParseCommandLine, which repeatedly calls ParseParam to fill the CCommandLineInfo object. The CCommandLineInfo object is then passed to CWinApp::ProcessShellCommand to handle the command-line arguments and flags.

You can use this object to encapsulate the following command-line options and parameters:

Command-line argument

Command executed


New file.

app filename

Open file.

app /p filename

Print file to default printer.

app /pt filename printer driver port

Print file to the specified printer.

app /dde

Start up and await DDE command.

app /Automation

Start up as an OLE automation server.

app /Embedding

Start up to edit an embedded OLE item.

app /Register

app /Regserver

Informs the application to perform any registration tasks.

app /Unregister

app /Unregserver

Informs the application to perform any un-registration tasks.

Derive a new class from CCommandLineInfo to handle other flags and parameter values. Override ParseParam to handle the new flags.

Header: afxwin.h

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