This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Retrieves the information that the SCROLLINFO structure maintains about a scroll bar.

BOOL GetScrollInfo( 
   LPSCROLLINFO lpScrollInfo, 
   UINT nMask = SIF_ALL  


A pointer to a SCROLLINFO structure. See the Windows SDK for more information about this structure.


Specifies the scroll bar parameters to retrieve. Typical usage, SIF_ALL, specifies a combination of SIF_PAGE, SIF_POS, SIF_TRACKPOS, and SIF_RANGE. See SCROLLINFO for more information on the nMask values.

If the message retrieved any values, the return is TRUE. Otherwise, it is FALSE.

GetScrollInfo enables applications to use 32-bit scroll positions.

The SCROLLINFO structure contains information about a scroll bar, including the minimum and maximum scrolling positions, the page size, and the position of the scroll box (the thumb). See the SCROLLINFO structure topic in the Windows SDK for more information about changing the structure defaults.

The MFC Windows message handlers that indicate scroll bar position, CWnd::OnHScroll and CWnd::OnVScroll, provide only 16 bits of position data. GetScrollInfo and SetScrollInfo provide 32 bits of scroll bar position data. Thus, an application can call GetScrollInfo while processing either CWnd::OnHScroll or CWnd::OnVScroll to obtain 32-bit scroll bar position data.

See the example for CWnd::OnHScroll.

Header: afxwin.h