This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Call this function to retrieve the CRuntimeClass structure associated with the familiar name.

static CRuntimeClass* PASCAL FromName(
   LPCSTR lpszClassName 
static CRuntimeClass* PASCAL FromName(
   LPCWSTR lpszClassName 



The familiar name of a class derived from CObject.

A pointer to a CRuntimeClass object, corresponding to the name as passed in lpszClassName. The function returns NULL if no matching class name was found.

// This example creates an object if CMyClass is defined.

CRuntimeClass* pMyRTClass= pMyObject->GetRuntimeClass();

CRuntimeClass* pClass = pMyRTClass->FromName("CMyClass");
if (pClass == NULL)
   // not found, display a warning for diagnostic purposes
   AfxMessageBox("Warning: CMyClass not defined");
   return NULL;

// attempt to create the object with the found CRuntimeClass
CObject* pObject = pClass->CreateObject();

This method is not supported on Smart Devices because, in order for this method to return a class object, the returned class must use the DECLARE_SERIAL, IMPLEMENT_SERIAL macros, which are not supported for devices.