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Browsing Code and Components

The Object Browser allows you to examine and discover objects (namespaces, classes, structures, interfaces, types, enums, and so forth) and their members (properties, methods, events, variables, constants, enum values, and so forth) from various components. These components can be projects in your solution, referenced components within those projects, and external components. Collectively, these components form the browsing scope of the Object Browser. You can modify the browsing scope using the Selected Components dialog box.

Examples of components you can browse include:

  • Contents of language projects
  • .NET Framework components
  • COM components
  • Source Browser (.bsc) files

When you browse a component, its objects appear in the left, or Objects pane of the Object Browser and the object's members appear in the right, or Members pane. When you select an object or member, information about it such as syntax, description, and attributes display in the Description pane at the bottom of the Object Browser.

To search for specific symbols in the browsing scope, use the Find Symbol button. Matches found within the scope, based on the text and criteria you specify, display in the Find Symbol Results window.

Class View gives you a hierarchical view of symbols restricted to only the projects in your solution. You can use Class View to discover and edit the structure of your code and the relationships between objects in it.

To open the Object Browser, either press CTRL+ALT+J, choose Object Browser on the View menu, or click the Object Browser button on the main toolbar.

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