This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Creating Forms

Visual Studio .NET 2003

You can use forms to give your users a familiar interface for viewing and entering data into a database, but forms provide far more than just an interface. Forms provide a rich set of objects that can respond to user (or system) events, so you can make it possible for your users to accomplish their information management tasks as easily and as intuitively as possible.

In This Section

Designing Forms
Provides background on the capabilities of the Form designer, with links to topics on creating forms and setting the data environment.
Creation of Single- and Multiple-Document Interfaces
Describes the two types of applications possible in Visual FoxPro and the types of forms that support both types of interfaces. Includes links to topics dealing with the various form types.
Extending Forms with Form Sets
Explains the benefits of including multiple forms as a group in a form set and describes how to create and work with form sets.
Addition of Objects to Forms
Lists the types of objects you can add to a form and offers background on the two categories of objects in Visual FoxPro: containers and controls. Provides links to topics on adding containers and controls to forms.
Adding Properties and Methods to a Form
Includes instructions on how to add a new property to a form, create an array property, create a new method for a form, and include a file in a form. Provides links to topics on manipulating objects, defining form behavior, and editing event and method code.
Saving Forms
Contains directions on how to save a form in the Form designer and save a form or selected controls as a class definition.

Related Sections

Creating the Interface
Using Visual FoxPro forms, classes, controls, menus, and toolbars, you can build interfaces that help users gain access to the full potential of your programs.
Working with Forms
After creating your form, you can run, hide, or alter it in different ways.
Using Controls
Controls manage the interactions between users and your application. Visual FoxPro offers a variety of controls to enhance your application interface.
Designing Menus and Toolbars
A good menu system tells your users a lot about the design and structure of your application. Planning menus and toolbars carefully can improve the usability of your application and provide immediate access to common tasks.