codecvt_byname Class

A derived template class that describes an object that can serve as a collate facet of a given locale, enabling the retrieval of information specific to a cultural area concerning conversions.

template<Class CharType, class Byte, class StateType>
    class codecvt_byname: public codecvt<CharType, Byte, StateType> {
    explicit codecvt_byname(
        const char* _Locname,
        size_t _Refs = 0
    explicit codecvt_byname(
        const string& _Locname,
        size_t _Refs = 0
    virtual ~codecvt_byname( );


A named locale.


An initial reference count.

Byname facets are automatically created when a named locale is constructed.

Its behavior is determined by the named locale _Locname. Each constructor initializes its base object with codecvt<CharType, Byte, StateType>(_Refs).

Header: <locale>

Namespace: std

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