This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Constructs a CDatabase object.

CDatabase( );

After constructing the object, you must call its OpenEx or Open member function to establish a connection to a specified data source.

You may find it convenient to embed the CDatabase object in your document class.

This example illustrates using CDatabase in a CDocument-derived class.

// This fragment is taken from the declaration for CMyDatabaseDoc
// CMyDatabaseDoc is derived from CDocument.
   // Declare a CDatabase embedded in the document
   CDatabase m_dbCust;

// Initialize when needed
CDatabase* CMyDatabaseDoc::GetDatabase()
   // Connect the object to a data source
   if(!m_dbCust.IsOpen() && !m_dbCust.OpenEx(NULL))
      return NULL;

   return &m_dbCust;

Header: afxdb.h