This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Formatting and Advanced Binding Dialog Box

Makes it possible for you to bind any browsable property (that is, any property that appears in the Properties window) of a control to a value from a valid provider of data to Windows Forms, and to format the bound data for display in the control. Also enables you to specify when changes to the control property are propagated to the data source. For more information on sources of data to be bound to, see Data Sources Supported by Windows Forms.


The property of the control to bind to.


The data source within the project to bind to. Also enables you to add a new project data source. For more information, see Data Source Configuration Wizard.

Data Source Update Mode

Enables you to specify one of the DataSourceUpdateMode values to indicate when changes to the bound control property should be propagated to the data source.


Describes the selected Format type.

Format type

Enables you to choose a data display format from a list for the bound control to display the data.

Null value

Enables you to specify the value displayed in the control when the data source contains a DBNull.


Displays a preview of the specified format.

Decimal places

Shown only when the Numeric, Currency, or Scientific formats are selected. Enables you to specify the number of decimal places to display for a number in the bound control.


Shown only when the Date Time format is selected. Enables you to select a format from a list of date/time formats for display in the bound control.

Custom format

Shown only when the Custom format is selected. Enables you to specify a custom display format for the data in a bound control. For more information, see Formatting Types.