This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Visual Basic Language Samples

These samples demonstrate Visual Basic syntax and My features.

API Call Sample

Demonstrates calling Win32 API functions to enumerate and control processes and windows, and to query and change system settings.

Array Sample

Creates arrays of Integer and Object values, and sorts and searches arrays.

Custom Exceptions Sample

Creates exceptions for errors specific to an application.

DateTime and TimeSpan Sample

Demonstrates how the DateTime and TimeSpan methods work.

Exception-Handling Sample

Shows several options for handling exceptions in applications.

File System Sample

Demonstrates the My.Computer.FileSystem Object.

Generics Sample

Creates five types of generic collections.

Object-Oriented Programming Sample

Demonstrates the options available with object-oriented programming.

Operator Overloading Sample (Visual Basic)

Creates a class that represents money, and implements operators for that class.

Overloads and Overrides Keywords Sample

Demonstrates Overloadsand Overrides.

String Formatting Sample

Allows users to specify formatting options, and then shows the results.

String Methods Sample

Allows users to input parameters for several String methods, and then shows the results.

Visual Basic 2005 Language Features Sample

Highlights new Visual Basic language features.

XML Comments Sample

Demonstrates the XML comment feature of Visual Basic.

Developing Applications with Visual Basic

Provides information about program structures, data access, and the Visual Basic editor.

Visual Basic Programming Guide

Describes the elements of the Visual Basic language.

Visual Basic Application Samples

These samples demonstrate project, user, and assembly tasks.

Data Samples

These samples demonstrate data access.

Visual Basic Windows Forms Samples

These samples demonstrate Windows applications.

Visual Basic Server Component Samples

These samples demonstrate applications that interact with Windows operating system components.

Visual Basic Security Samples

These samples demonstrate security tasks.

Visual Basic Sample Applications

This page is the starting point for all Visual Basic samples that are included with the documentation.