Localizing Windows Forms Resources

You can use the Windows Forms Resource Editor (Winres.exe) to quickly and easily localize Windows Forms forms. Winres.exe can open a .resources or .resx file containing a Windows Forms form to be localized. Within the tool's designer window, you can edit strings by translating them into the language for a specific culture. You can then size, move, and hide controls as necessary to accommodate the localized strings. Winres.exe allows you to save the modifications that you make to the form as a new .resources file for the localized culture and then build this new .resources file into the original assembly. The primary advantage of Winres.exe is that it allows you to confidently distribute your resources to third-party localizers. Localizers can recreate a design-time version of the form to localize without accessing the source code.

Before you begin to localize an application's Windows Forms forms, you should decide whether you want to use Visual Studio or Winres.exe as the localization tool. The localized .resx files produced by each tool are not interchangeable. Therefore, after you have started to localize with one tool, you cannot switch to the other tool. For more information about using this tool, see Windows Forms Resource Editor (Winres.exe).