Distributing a Program
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Distributing a Program

There are several ways for you to share your program with others. By using ClickOnce publishing, you can make your program available on a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, or you can publish it to a Web site where others can download and run it. You can also send it through e-mail, or just copy it to a disk.

Sharing a Program: Introduction to Deployment

Introduces deployment and describes ClickOnce publishing.

Distributing a Program on CD: Publishing with ClickOnce

Explains how to publish your program to a CD-ROM or DVD in order to share it with others.

Sending a Program in E-mail: Creating a Compressed (Zipped) File

Explains how to package a program as a compressed (zipped) file and send it through e-mail.

Getting a Program in E-mail: Extracting a Compressed (Zipped) Program

Explains how to extract and run a program that you received from a friend or colleague through e-mail.

Closer Look: Distributing Your Program on the Internet

Explains how to use ClickOnce publishing to deploy a program by using a Web server.

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