This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

OracleDataReader Properties

The OracleDataReader type exposes the following members.

Public property Depth Gets a value indicating the depth of nesting for the current row. (Overrides DbDataReader.Depth.)
Public property FieldCount Gets the number of columns in the current row. (Overrides DbDataReader.FieldCount.)
Public property HasRows Gets a value indicating whether the OracleDataReader contains one or more rows. (Overrides DbDataReader.HasRows.)
Public property IsClosed Indicates whether the OracleDataReader is closed. (Overrides DbDataReader.IsClosed.)
Public property Item Overloaded. Gets the value of a column in its native format.
Public property RecordsAffected Gets the number of rows changed, inserted, or deleted by execution of the SQL statement. (Overrides DbDataReader.RecordsAffected.)
Public property VisibleFieldCount Gets the number of fields in the DbDataReader that are not hidden. (Inherited from DbDataReader.)