This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CAsyncMonikerFile Class

Provides functionality for the use of asynchronous monikers in ActiveX controls (formerly OLE controls).

class CAsyncMonikerFile : public CMonikerFile

Derived from CMonikerFile, which in turn is derived from COleStreamFile, CAsyncMonikerFile uses the IMoniker interface to access any data stream asynchronously, including loading files asynchronously from a URL. The files can be datapath properties of ActiveX controls.

Asynchronous monikers are used primarily in Internet-enabled applications and ActiveX controls to provide a responsive user-interface during file transfers. A prime example of this is the use of CDataPathProperty to provide asynchronous properties for ActiveX controls. The CDataPathProperty object will repeatedly get a callback to indicate availability of new data during a lengthy property exchange process.

For more information about how to use asynchronous monikers and ActiveX controls in Internet applications, see the following articles:

Header: afxole.h