Remove Method (Script Runtime)


Removes a key, item pair from a Dictionary object.



Required. Always the name of a Dictionary object.


Required. Key associated with the key, item pair you want to remove from the Dictionary object.

An error occurs if the specified key, item pair does not exist.

The following code illustrates use of the Remove method:

var a, d, i, s;              // Create some variables.
d = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.Dictionary");  
d.Add ("a", "Athens");       // Add some keys and items.
d.Add ("b", "Belgrade");
d.Add ("c", "Cairo");
d.Remove("b");               // Remove second pair.

Dim a, d   ' Create some variables.
Set d = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
d.Add "a", "Athens"   ' Add some keys and items.
d.Add "b", "Belgrade"
d.Add "c", "Cairo"
d.Remove("b")   ' Remove second pair.