This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Find in Files Dialog Box (Explorer)

Visual Studio 2005

Finds all instances of a specified character string in one or more files or in a project. The results of the search are shown in the Find in Files Results dialog box.

Dialog Box Access

In Visual SourceSafe Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Find in Files.


Specifies the file(s) or project to search.

List all shared files separately

Projects only. In project searches, lists each match found in a shared file as a separate item. By default, a match in a shared file is listed for only one of the projects that contain the file.

Match case

Finds exact matches only. The search string cannot contain wildcards.


Performs the search and presents the Find in Files Results dialog box.


Projects only. Searches all files in the project and all files in its subprojects.


Specifies the character string to find. The string can contain up to 63 characters. You can use two wildcard characters: a question mark to match any one character and an asterisk to match any string. You must select Use regular expressions to use the wildcard characters.

A backslash makes the character after it literal: \*, \?, and \\. Use of the backslash is necessary if you want to search for asterisks, question marks, or backslashes.

Use regular expressions

Specifies that the question mark or asterisk is a wildcard character. Clear this box if you're using a question mark or asterisk as an ordinary text character.

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