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codecvt_base Class

A base class for the codecvt class that is used to define an enumeration type referred to as result, used as the return type for the facet member functions to indicate the result of a conversion.

class codecvt_base : public locale::facet {
    enum result {ok, partial, error, noconv};
        size_t _Refs = 0
    bool always_noconv() const;
    int max_length() const;
    int encoding() const;
    virtual bool do_always_noconv() const;
    virtual int do_max_length() const;
    virtual int do_encoding() const;

The class describes an enumeration common to all specializations of template class codecvt. The enumeration result describes the possible return values from do_in or do_out:

  • ok if the conversion between internal and external character encodings succeeds.

  • partial if the destination is not large enough for the conversion to succeed.

  • error if the source sequence is ill formed.

  • noconv if the function performs no conversion.

Header: <locale>

Namespace: std

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