Security Namespaces in Visual Studio
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Security Namespaces in Visual Studio

The security namespaces in the .NET Framework include:

  • System.Security - provides the underlying structure of the common language runtime security system, including base classes for permissions.

  • System.Net.Security - provides network streams for secure communications between hosts.

  • System.Web.Security - contains classes that are used to implement ASP.NET security in Web applications.

Basic Security Practices for Web Applications

Presents an overview of the security features provided by the ASP.NET page framework that leverage the security infrastructure supplied in the Windows operating system and Internet Information Services (IIS).

Message Queue Security

Gives an overview of Microsoft Windows Message Queuing.

Security Portal

Provides links to resources about security.

Introduction to the .NET Framework Class Library in Visual Studio

Provides an overview of the namespaces in the .NET Framework.

Security in the .NET Framework

Provides information about classes and services that enable developers to write secure code and to enable system administrators to customize access to protected resources. Includes links to information about code-access security, role-based security, and cryptographic services.

Security Best Practices

Presents Platform SDK recommendations about privileges, buffer overruns, discretionary access control lists (DACLs), and passwords.

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