This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Guided Tour of Creating Web Sites in Visual Web Developer

Visual Studio 2005

This section contains topics designed to give a guided tour of creating Web sites in Visual Studio.

In This Section

Creating Pages

Describes how to create new ASP.NET Web sites and add ASP.NET Web pages to them. Includes information on editing HTML, creating server code, and debugging.

Data-Driven Web Pages

Describes various ways to display and edit data in ASP.NET Web pages and explains how to optimize data access by using caching.

Additional Page Techniques

Describes how to create specific types of ASP.NET Web pages, including master pages, Web Parts pages, and wizards. Also includes information on creating reusable elements (user controls).

Customizing Web Pages

Describes how to add menus, define themes for consistent Web site appearance, create rotating advertisements, create pages for browsers on mobile devices, create and use an ASP.NET Web service, and create pages that can display text in different languages.

Building Professional Web Sites (Visual Studio), Building Professional Web Sites (Visual Web Developer Express Edition)

Describes how to use system diagnostics with ASP.NET Web pages and describes ways to deploy a Web site to a production Web server.