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## Remarks  
 This option displays the raw contents of each section in the file. The arguments control the format of the display, as shown below:  
|1|The default. Contents are displayed in hexadecimal bytes, and also as ASCII characters if they have a printed representation.|  
|2|Contents are displayed as hexadecimal 2-byte values.|  
|4|Contents are displayed as hexadecimal 4-byte values.|  
|8|Contents are displayed as hexadecimal 8-byte values.|  
|NONE|Raw data is suppressed. This argument is useful to control the output of /ALL.|  
|*Number*|Displayed lines are set to a width that holds `number` values per line.|  
 Only the [/HEADERS](../Topic/-HEADERS.md) DUMPBIN option is available for use on files produced with the [/GL](../Topic/-GL%20\(Whole%20Program%20Optimization\).md) compiler option.  
## See Also  
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