Element Reference

This documentation describes the elements used in ASP.NET mobile controls to define control details. Some elements are used in application configuration files (Web.config) to provide application-wide settings.

<Choice> Element (.NET Framework Developer's Guide )

Provides a single <Choice> element, based on device characteristics, among a set of choices in a <DeviceSpecific> element.

<Command> Element

Represents a command of an ObjectList mobile control.

<DeviceSpecific> Element

Provides a container for one or more <Choice> elements, enabling the authoring of device-specific interfaces.

<Field> Element (.NET Framework Developer's Guide )

Represents a field in an ObjectList mobile control.

<Item> Element

Represents an individual item within a List control or SelectionList control.

<PagerStyle> Element

Represents a style object with additional style properties specific to the pagination UI of a form.

<Style> Element

Defines a set of property values or templates that replace the defaults of the control to which the style is applied.

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