Using Managed Graphics Classes

The following topics describe how to use the GDI+ API in the managed class framework.

In This Section

Getting Started with Graphics Programming

Describes how to accomplish basic tasks with GDI+.

Using a Pen to Draw Lines and Shapes

Demonstrates how to construct a pen and use it to draw a variety of lines and shapes.

Using a Brush to Fill Shapes

Demonstrates how to construct a brush and fill shapes with a variety of effects.

Using a Gradient Brush to Fill Shapes

Shows how to create and use different types of gradient brushes.

Working with Images, Bitmaps, Icons, and Metafiles

Demonstrates how to construct and manipulate images.

Alpha Blending Lines and Fills

Demonstrates how to achieve transparency for shapes and lines.

Using Fonts and Text

Shows how to draw text and use fonts and font families.

Constructing and Drawing Curves

Shows how to draw Cardinal and Bezier splines.

Constructing and Drawing Paths

Shows how to create figures using paths.


Demonstrates matrix transformations.

Using Graphics Containers

Shows how to manage graphics object state and nested graphics containers.

Using Regions

Demonstrates hit testing and clipping with regions.

Recoloring Images

Demonstrates various aspects of manipulating colors.

Double Buffered Graphics

Demonstrates how to reduce flicker with double buffering.