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Compiler Error C2061


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syntax error : identifier 'identifier'

The compiler found an identifier where it wasn't expected. Make sure that identifier is declared before you use it.

An initializer may be enclosed by parentheses. To avoid this problem, enclose the declarator in parentheses or make it a typedef.

This error could also be caused when the compiler detects an expression as a class template argument; use typename to tell the compiler it is a type.

The following sample generates C2061:

// C2061.cpp  
// compile with: /c  
template < A a >   // C2061  
// try the following line instead  
// template < typename b >  
class c{};  

C2061 can occur if you pass an instance name to typeid:

// C2061b.cpp  
// compile with: /clr  
ref struct G {  
   int i;  
int main() {  
   G ^ pG = gcnew G;  
   System::Type ^ pType = typeid<pG>;   // C2061  
   System::Type ^ pType2 = typeid<G>;   // OK