This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Changes the method used by the font mapper when it converts a logical font to a physical font.

DWORD SetMapperFlags(
   DWORD dwFlag 


Specifies whether the font mapper attempts to match a font's aspect height and width to the device. When this value is ASPECT_FILTERING, the mapper selects only fonts whose x-aspect and y-aspect exactly match those of the specified device.

The previous value of the font-mapper flag.

An application can use SetMapperFlags to cause the font mapper to attempt to choose only a physical font that exactly matches the aspect ratio of the specified device.

An application that uses only raster fonts can use the SetMapperFlags function to ensure that the font selected by the font mapper is attractive and readable on the specified device. Applications that use scalable (TrueType) fonts typically do not use SetMapperFlags.

If no physical font has an aspect ratio that matches the specification in the logical font, GDI chooses a new aspect ratio and selects a font that matches this new aspect ratio.

Header: afxwin.h