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Include the iostreams standard header <iomanip> to define several manipulators that each take a single argument.

#include <iomanip>  

Each of these manipulators returns an unspecified type, called T1 through T10, that overloads both basic_istream<Elem, Tr>::operator>> and basic_ostream<Elem, Tr>::operator<<.


get_moneyObtains a monetary amount, optionally in international format.
get_timeObtains a time in a time structure by using a specified format.
put_moneyProvides a monetary amount, optionally in international format.
put_timeProvides a time in a time structure and a format string to use.
quotedEnables convenient round-tripping of strings with insertion and extraction operators.
resetiosflagsClears the specified flags.
setbaseSet base for integers.
setfillSets the character that will be used to fill spaces in a right-justified display.
setiosflagsSets the specified flags.
setprecisionSets the precision for floating-point values.
setwSpecifies the width of the display field.

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