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Changing the Font of Text on an Image (Image Editor for Icons)

The following procedure is an example of how to:

  • Add text to an icon in a Windows Application

  • Manipulate the font of your text

To change the font of text on an image

  1. Create a C++ Windows Forms Application. For details, see Creating a Windows Application Project. The Windows Forms Application Template adds a file named app.ico to your project by default.

  2. In Solution Explorer, double-click the file app.ico. The Image Editor will open.

  3. From the Image menu, select Tools and then select Text Tool. The Text Tool Dialog Box will appear.

  4. In the Text Tool Dialog Box, type C++ in the empty text area. This text will appear in a resizable box located in the upper left corner of app.ico, in the Image Editor.

  5. In the Image Editor, drag the resizable box to the center of app.ico, to improve the readability of your text.

  6. In the Text Tool Dialog Box, click the Font button. The Text Tool Font Dialog Box will appear.

  7. In the Text Tool Font Dialog Box, select Times New Roman from the list of available fonts that are listed in the Font list box.

  8. Select Bold from the list of available font styles listed in the Font style list box.

  9. Select 10 from the list of available point sizes listed in the Size list box.

  10. Click the OK button. The Text Tool Font Dialog Box will close and the new font settings will apply to your text.

  11. Click the Close button on the Text Tool dialog box. The resizable box around your text will disappear from the Image Editor.

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