This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Web.Management Namespace

The System.Web.Management namespace contains classes and interfaces for managing and monitoring the health of Web applications.

Public classBufferedWebEventProviderProvides the base functionality for creating event providers that require buffering.
Public classEventLogWebEventProviderImplements an event provider that logs ASP.NET health-monitoring events into the Windows Application Event Log.
Public classIisTraceWebEventProviderRepresents an event provider that routes ASP.NET tracing events to the IIS 7.0 infrastructure.
Public classMailEventNotificationInfoProvides information to the TemplatedMailWebEventProvider object about the current event notification.
Public classMailWebEventProviderInfrastructure. Provides the base functionality for creating event providers that send e-mail.
Public classRegiisUtilityInfrastructure. Provides authorization utilities to support specific Web-application configuration, assembly registration, and assembly-key container manipulation. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classRuleFiringRecordRepresents the firing record for an event that derives from the WebManagementEvent class and implements the IWebEventCustomEvaluator interface.
Public classSimpleMailWebEventProviderImplements an event provider that sends e-mail for event notifications.
Public classSqlExecutionExceptionDefines a class for SQL execution exceptions in the System.Web.Management namespace.
Public classSqlServicesSupports installing and removing the SQL Server database elements of ASP.NET features.
Public classSqlWebEventProviderImplements an event provider that saves event notifications to an SQL database.
Public classTemplatedMailWebEventProviderImplements an event provider that uses templates to define and format e-mails it sends for event notifications.
Public classTraceWebEventProviderImplements an event provider that sends ASP.NET health-monitoring events as trace messages.
Public classWebApplicationInformationProvides information associated with health events.
Public classWebApplicationLifetimeEventRepresents a significant event in the lifetime of an application.
Public classWebAuditEventServes as the base class for all ASP.NET health-monitoring audit events.
Public classWebAuthenticationFailureAuditEventProvides information about ASP.NET authentication failures.
Public classWebAuthenticationSuccessAuditEventProvides information about successful authentication events
Public classWebBaseErrorEventServes as the base class for all the health-monitoring error events.
Public classWebBaseEventDefines the base class for the ASP.NET health-monitoring events.
Public classWebBaseEventCollectionContains a collection of WebBaseEvent objects. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classWebErrorEventProvides information about systemic errors.
Public classWebEventBufferFlushInfoContains the parameters defining the flush buffer characteristics.
Public classWebEventCodesDefines the codes associated with the ASP.NET health monitoring events.
Public classWebEventFormatterFormats ASP.NET health monitoring event information.
Public classWebEventManagerProvides functionality for managing Web events in an application. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classWebEventProviderProvides the base class for non buffered event providers.
Public classWebFailureAuditEventProvides information about security failures.
Public classWebHeartbeatEventDefines those health-monitoring events raised at a periodic interval.
Public classWebManagementEventDefines the base class for events that carry application and process information.
Public classWebProcessInformationProvides information about the worker process that hosts ASP.NET.
Public classWebProcessStatisticsProvides information for assessing the health of a running process.
Public classWebRequestErrorEventDefines the event that carries information about Web-request errors.
Public classWebRequestEventDefines the base class for events providing Web-request information.
Public classWebRequestInformationProvides information about the current Web request.
Public classWebServiceErrorEventDefines the event that contains information about Web service errors.
Public classWebSuccessAuditEventProvides information about successful security events.
Public classWebThreadInformationProvides information about the state of a thread in an ASP.NET process.
Public classWebViewStateFailureAuditEventProvides Web-application view-state-related-failure information.
Public classWmiWebEventProviderImplements an event provider that maps ASP.NET health-monitoring events to Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) events.

Public interfaceIRegiisUtilityInfrastructure. Provides authorization utilities to support specific Web-application configuration, assembly registration, and assembly-key container manipulation.
Public interfaceIWebEventCustomEvaluatorEvaluates whether an event should be sent to the related provider for processing.

Public enumerationEventNotificationTypeSpecifies the type of event notification.
Public enumerationSessionStateTypeDescribes the session-state type used when installing a session-state database provider.
Public enumerationSqlFeaturesSpecifies the ASP.Net features to install or remove using the methods provided by the SqlServices class.