Sets the size of the heap in bytes. This option only applies to executable files.

/HEAP: reserve[,commit]

The reserve argument specifies the total initial heap allocation in virtual memory. By default, the heap size is 1 MB. EDITBIN Reference rounds up the specified value to the nearest multiple of 4 bytes.

The optional commit argument is subject to interpretation by the operating system. On a Windows operating system, it specifies the initial amount of physical memory to allocate, and the amount of additional memory to allocate when the heap must be expanded. Committed virtual memory causes space to be reserved in the paging file. A higher commit value allows the system to allocate memory less often when the app needs more heap space but increases the memory requirements and possibly the app startup duration. The commit value must be less than or equal to the reserve value.

Specify the reserve and commit values in decimal or C-language hexadecimal or octal notation. For example, a value of 1 MB can be specified as 1048576 in decimal, or as 0x100000 in hexadecimal, or as 04000000 in octal.