Returns the current accumulated bounding rectangle for the specified device context.

UINT GetBoundsRect( 
   LPRECT lpRectBounds, 
   UINT flags  


Points to a buffer that will receive the current bounding rectangle. The rectangle is returned in logical coordinates.


Specifies whether the bounding rectangle is to be cleared after it is returned. This parameter should be zero or set to the following value:

  • DCB_RESET   Forces the bounding rectangle to be cleared after it is returned.

Specifies the current state of the bounding rectangle if the function is successful. It can be a combination of the following values:

  • DCB_ACCUMULATE   Bounding rectangle accumulation is occurring.

  • DCB_RESET   Bounding rectangle is empty.

  • DCB_SET   Bounding rectangle is not empty.

  • DCB_ENABLE   Bounding accumulation is on.

  • DCB_DISABLE   Bounding accumulation is off.

Header: afxwin.h