Windows Forms Controls Samples

[This documentation is for preview only, and is subject to change in later releases. Blank topics are included as placeholders.]

This section contains samples that demonstrate how to use Windows Forms controls in the .NET Framework.

Binding to Client Settings Sample

Demonstrates how to bind to application settings to reflect user changes.

BindingNavigator Control Sample

Demonstrates how to move through items in a data source.

BindingSource Component Sample

Demonstrates how to use a BindingSource component to bind Windows Forms controls to a data source.

Client Settings Web Services Sample

Demonstrates how to use a Web service to perform application setting changes.

DataGridView Control Sample

Demonstrates several DataGridView control features.

DataGridView Custom Column Sample

Demonstrates how to create a custom DataGridView column that hosts a MaskedTextBox control.

Event-based Asynchronous Pattern Technology Sample

Demonstrates how to use classes that support the Event-based Asynchronous Pattern.

FlowLayoutPanel Control Sample

Demonstrates horizontally or vertically oriented layouts.

Managed WebBrowser Control Sample

Demonstrates the WebBrowser control.

MaskedTextBox Control Sample

Demonstrates the MaskedTextBox control.

Portal-Style Flow Layout Sample

Demonstrates a simple portal-style layout that is implemented by using a FlowLayoutPanel control.

RegistrySettingsProvider Sample

Demonstrates how to persist application settings in the registry.

SplitContainer Control Sample

Demonstrates the SplitContainer control.

TableLayoutPanel Control Sample

Demonstrates the TableLayoutPanel control.

Task Pane Sample

Demonstrates how to create a designer for a task pane control.

ToolStrip Custom Renderer Sample

Demonstrates how to switch between renderers. You can view the effects of various settings on a particular renderer.

ToolStrip Customizing Sample

Demonstrates how to customize ToolStrip and MenuStrip controls in an application.

ToolStrip Sample

Starts several samples that demonstrate the ToolStrip control.

Unified Commands Sample

Demonstrates how to unite the code underlying various objects that trigger often-used actions in an application.