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Compiler Error C3028
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Compiler Error C3028

'member' : only a variable or static data member can be used in a data-sharing clause

A symbol other than a variable or static data member was passed to the reduction clause.

The following sample generates C3028:

// C3028.cpp
// compile with: /openmp /link vcomps.lib
int g_i;

class MyClass {
   MyClass(int x);
   static int x_public;
   int mbr;
   static int x_private;

int MyClass::x_public;
int MyClass::x_private;

namespace XyzNS {
   struct xyz { int x; };
   xyz xyz;

namespace NS {
   int a1;
   struct Bar {
      static MyClass MyClass;
   struct Baz : public Bar {
      using NS::Bar::MyClass;

MyClass NS::Bar::MyClass;

typedef int MyInt;

template <class T, size_t n> class CTempl {
   static T public_array[n];
   static T private_array[n];

template<class T,size_t n> T CTempl<T,n>::public_array[n];
template<class T,size_t n> T CTempl<T,n>::private_array[n];

CTempl<int,5> tx;

struct Incomplete;
extern Incomplete inc;

MyClass::MyClass(int x) {

   #pragma omp parallel reduction(+: x, g_i, x_public, x_private)   
   // OK

   #pragma omp parallel reduction(+: x, g_i, MyClass::x_public, 
   // OK

   #pragma omp parallel reduction(+: mbr)   
   // C3028, member of a class.

int main() {

   #pragma omp parallel reduction(+:main)   
   // C3028, main is a function.

   #pragma omp parallel reduction(+: XyzNS)   
   // C3028, XyzNS is a namespace.
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