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__ptcg, __ptcga

Microsoft Specific

Emits Purge Global Translation Cache (ptc.g), which is used to purge a range of addresses caused by a page teardown.

void __ptcg( 
   __int64 Address, 
   __int64 Range 
void __ptcga( 
   __int64 Address, 
   __int64 Range 

[in] Address

Loaded into the first general register supplied to the instruction. Bits 0 to 60 specify the virtual address to purge. Bits 61 to 63 specify the region identifier.

[in] Range

Loaded into the second general register supplied to the instruction. Bits 2 to 7 represent the page size; other bits are ignored.







Header file <intrin.h>

The __ptcga intrinsic emits the ptc.ga instruction, which is used if the purge is needed because of a page remapping to ensure that other processors update their advanced load address table (ALAT).

For appropriate use of these instructions, see the Intel IPF documentation.

These functions are only available in kernel mode and are only available as intrinsics.