This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Open With Dialog Box

You can open a document in one or more editors by selecting Open With on the View menu or by right-clicking a document in the Solution Explorer and selecting Open With on the context menu.

Select a program to open
Lists the editors available in Visual Studio for the selected type of file. Choose the editor with which to open the document from the list displayed, or choose Add to include a new editor in the list.
Note   If necessary, you can also specify a language-encoding scheme to apply when opening the selected file. To do so, select the program "HTML/XML Editor with Encoding" and choose Open to display the Encoding Dialog Box.
Choose Open to open the document in the selected editor.
Caution   Before opening a project or component in Visual Studio, determine the trustworthiness of its code. The act of opening the project or component in a Visual Studio designer will cause devenv.exe to execute its code in a trusted process on your local machine.
Choose this button to add a program to the list under Select a program to open. You can either type the file path to the program in the Program Name field, or browse to the program's location by selecting the Browse button. In the Friendly Name field, enter a program name to display in the list under Select a program to open.
To remove a program, select the program and select Remove.
Set as Default
To specify a default editor (and language encoding options, if applicable) for the type of file selected, choose a program from the list under Select a program to open, and then choose Set as Default. The next time you open this type of file in Visual Studio, the document will open in the new default editor.
Note   In the list of programs under Select a program to open, the name of the default editor for the type of file selected is followed by "(Default)."

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