We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Execute Scripts or Queries Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to run a selected script on the referenced database. You can proceed with the script by clicking Yes or avoid executing the script by clicking No. To access this dialog box, drag a script or query to a database reference in Solution Explorer.


Your computer might show different names or locations for some of the Visual Studio user interface elements in the following instructions. The Visual Studio edition that you have and the settings that you use determine these elements. For more information, see Visual Studio Settings.

Always execute. Do not ask me again.

This option controls the display of the Execute Scripts or Queries dialog box. If you set this option, the dialog box will not appear when you run a script or query. If you do not set this option, the dialog will appear each time you run a script or query.

To make this dialog box appear again, set the Script/Query Execution option in the Options dialog box. For details, see General, Database Tools, Options Dialog Box.