This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Remote Debugging Setup

The Visual Studio debugger uses DCOM for remote debugging of Visual Basic, C#, SQL, script, and mixed-language applications.

In This Section

Setting up Remote Debugging
Describes the two ways Visual Studio provides to remote debug: using DCOM and the Machine Debug Manager or using TCP/IP (native C or C++ applications only). This topic also lists the files installed by Remote Components Setup.
Adding Debugger Users and Configuring DCOM
Provides locations for adding users to the Debugger Users group or configuring DCOM to grant permission for remote debugging.
Remote Components Setup
Provides a list of files installed in Remote Components Setup.
Remote Debugging Under Another User Account
Lists the restrictions the Visual Studio debugger places on certain types of remote debugging and provides techniques for overriding those restrictions.
Remote Debugging Across Domains
Describes the security restrictions of DCOM and TCP/IP across domains and provides steps for debugging across domains that do not have "two-way" trust.
Remote Debugging of a Project Built Locally
Discusses how to change your local project settings to run an executable on a remote machine.
ASP Remote Debugging Setup
Setup requirements for remote debugging of ASP Web applications.
Coexisting with the Visual Studio 6.0 Debugger
Gives instructions on providing remote debugging access to your machine for Visual Studio 6.0 users.
Remote Debugging Errors and Troubleshooting
Describes various remote debugging errors and provides solutions.

Related Sections

Debug Settings and Preparation
Covers the settings and preparation that you must perform to debug your program with the Visual Studio debugger.
Setting Debug Permissions on Windows 2000
Provides instructions for setting up remote debugging on Windows 2000.