We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Call this function to disconnect a connection between a source, specified by pUnkSrc, and a sink, specified by pUnkSink.

BOOL AFXAPI AfxConnectionUnadvise( 
   LPUNKNOWN pUnkSrc, 
   REFIID iid, 
   LPUNKNOWN pUnkSink, 
   BOOL bRefCount, 
   DWORD dwCookie  


A pointer to the object that calls the interface.


A pointer to the object that implements the interface.


The interface ID of the connection point interface.


TRUE indicates that disconnecting the connection should cause the reference count of pUnkSink to be decremented. FALSE indicates that the reference count should not be decremented.


The connection identifier returned by AfxConnectionAdvise.

Nonzero if a connection was disconnected; otherwise 0.

//mysink is a CCmdTarget-derived class supporting automation. 
//Get a pointer to sink's IUnknown, no AddRef done.
IID iid = IID_IUnknown;
IUnknown* pUnkSink = mysink.GetInterface(&iid);

//Terminate a connection between source and sink. 
//pUnkSrc is IUnknown of server obtained by CoCreateInstance(). 
//dwCookie is a value obtained through AfxConnectionAdvise().
AfxConnectionUnadvise(pUnkSrc, IID_ISampleSink, pUnkSink, FALSE, dwCookie);

Header: afxctl.h