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Class View and Object Browser Icons
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Class View and Object Browser Icons

Class View displays a number of icons, each representing a different type of symbol, such as a namespace, class, function, or variable. The following table illustrates the icons that display in Class View, with a description for each one.

Icon Description Icon Description
Namespace Method or Function
Class Operator
Interface Property
Structure Field or Variable
Union Event
Enum Constant
TypeDef Enum Item
Module Map Item
Intrinsic External Declaration
Delegate Macro
Exception Template
Map Unknown or Error

Signal Icons

The following signal icons apply to all of the previous icons and indicate their accessibility.

Icon Description
<No Signal Icon> Public — Accessible from anywhere within this component and from any component that references it.
Protected — Accessible from within the containing class or type, or those derived from the containing class or type.
Private — Accessible only within the containing class or type.
Internal — Accessible only from within this component.
Friend — Accessible only from within the project.
Shortcut — A shortcut to the object.

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