This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Writing MFC Applications

This article explains the initial steps you take to develop your application. First, you must decide what kind of application you are writing. Several of the choices were discussed in Application Design Choices. Will your application be:

  • Running on the Internet or an intranet?
  • Running on a client or on a server?
  • Running in a browser or as a stand-alone application?
  • Using COM or Active technology?
  • Downloading data using WinInet or asynchronous monikers?
  • A server extension or a filter?

Your decisions determine which classes are appropriate for your application. Your answers also help determine the selections you make when you run the Application Wizard to begin constructing your application.

After you've made your initial design decisions about your Internet application, you can use the Application Wizard to get started. Use the Application Wizard to create a skeleton application and modify the code as described in the following articles:

The following articles also provide instructions to help you start your programming tasks:

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