How to: Add Source Control File Extensions

A special file called Mssccprj.scc is created in your working folder when Visual SourceSafe works with Visual Studio projects and solutions, using the SourceSafe plug-ins. For more information about using the plug-ins, see Using Visual SourceSafe in Microsoft Visual Studio.

The default Mssccprj.scc settings, which are *.vbp, *.mak, and *.dsp, ensure that whenever you get or add a file with these extensions, Visual SourceSafe creates the Mssccprj.scc file. Without these extensions, the SourceSafe plug-ins in Visual Studio will not work correctly.

The latest version of Visual SourceSafe integrates these file types automatically. For older versions, however, you must add the file extensions manually to ensure that source control in Visual Studio will operate properly.

To add source control file extensions:

  1. Start Visual SourceSafe Explorer.

  2. On the Tools menu, click Options.

  3. In the SourceSafe Options dialog box, click the File Types tab.

  4. In the Create SCC file box, add the extensions that are needed, using asterisks and periods and separating your entries by commas

  5. Click OK.

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