This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


The constructor.

CComGITPtr( ) throw( ); 

   T* p 

   const CComGITPtr& git 

explicit CComGITPtr(
   DWORD dwCookie 
) throw( );

   CComGITPtr&& rv

[in] p

An interface pointer to be stored in the global interface table (GIT).

[in] git

A reference to an existing CComGITPtr object.

[in] dwCookie

A cookie used to identify the interface pointer.

[in] rv

The source CComGITPtr object to move data from.

Creates a new CComGITPtr object, optionally using an existing CComGITPtr object.

The constructor utilizing rv is a move constructor. The data is moved from the source, rv, and then rv is cleared.

Header: atlbase.h