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Increment (++) and Decrement (--) Operators

Increments or decrements the value of a variable by one.

Prefix Syntax


Postfix Syntax



Any numeric variable.


The increment and decrement operators are used as a shortcut to modify the value stored in a variable and access that value. Either operator may be used in a prefix or postfix syntax.

If Equivalent Action Return value
++variable variable += 1 value of variable after incrementing
variable++ variable += 1 value of variable before incrementing
--variable variable -= 1 value of variable after decrementing
variable-- variable -= 1 value of variable before decrementing


The following example illustrates the difference between prefix and postfix syntax for the ++ operator.

// Example of prefix increment operator
var j1 : int = 2;
var k1 : int;
k1 = ++j1;          // k1 is 3, the value of j1 after incrementing

// Example of postfix increment operator
var j2 : int = 2;
var k2 : int;
k2 = j2++;          // k2 is 2, the value of j2 before incrementing


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