We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Marks the beginning of the DHTML event map within the class definition for className.



The name of the class containing the DHTML event map. This class should derive directly or indirectly from CDHtmlDialog and include the DECLARE_DHTML_EVENT_MAP macro within its class definition.

Add a DHTML event map to your class to provide information to CDHtmlDialog that can be used to route events fired by HTML elements or ActiveX controls in a web page to handler functions in your class.

Place the BEGIN_DHTML_EVENT_MAP macro in the class's definition (.h) file followed by DHTML_EVENT macros for the events the class is to handle (for example, DHTML_EVENT_ONMOUSEOVER for mouseover events). Use the END_DHTML_EVENT_MAP_INLINE macro to mark the end of the event map. These macros implement the following function:

virtual const DHtmlEventMapEntry* GetDHtmlEventMap();

Header: afxdhtml.h