Performing Source Control Tasks

This section describes the general source control tasks that you can perform from Visual Studio for any plug-in. Basic source control operations, such as check in, check out, and viewing history, are largely plug-in-specific, although these operations can make use of some of the standard UI elements supported by the Visual Studio source control wrapper. For plug-in-specific tasks, however, you should consult the documentation for your particular source control plug-in.


Many of these procedures refer to selection of basic source control commands from the Visual Studio File menu. Alternatively, you can access many of the commands by right-clicking a source-controlled item in Solution Explorer.

How to: Add a Project to Source Control

Provides procedures for adding a project to source control.

How to: Bind or Unbind a Solution or Project

Describes how to bind a solution or project to source control, and how to unbind the item.

How to: Change the Working Folder Location

Tells how you can change the location of your working folder.

How to: Connect or Disconnect a Solution or Project

Describes procedures for connecting a solution or project to source control, and disconnecting the item.

How to: Copy a Source-controlled Item

Tells how to copy a file or project from one source-controlled item to another.

How to: Delete a Source-controlled Item

Describes ways to delete a source-controlled item.

How to: Enable Automatic Retrieval

Describes how to configure Visual Studio so that it will not automatically retrieve the latest version of a source-controlled item every time you open it.

How to: Disable Creation of the <solutionname>.root Folder

Describes how you can disable the automatic creation of the .root folder for a solution.

How to: Enable Automatic Check-ins

Tells how to configure Visual Studio to automatically check your changes in to source control when you close a solution.

How to: Disable Automatic Checkouts

Describes the configuration of Visual Studio to check out a file automatically when you begin editing it.

How to: Enable or Disable Source Control

Tells how to enable source control using the source control plug-in of your choice, and how to disable source control completely.

How to: Exclude a File from Source Control

Tells how to mark a file to exclude if from source control.

How to: Move a Project Binding Root

Describes how to move the binding root for a project if some files you want to add to the project are located outside the project root.

How to: Move a Source-controlled Item

Tells how to move a source-controlled file or project from one project or solution to another.

How to: Open a Project or Solution from Source Control

Describes the opening of a project or solution from source control.

How to: Rename a Source-controlled Item

Describes how you can rename a source-controlled item.

How to: Set Plug-in Options

Tells how to set plug-in options for management of your source-controlled items.

How to: Switch Source Control Plug-ins

Describes restrictions and instructions for selecting different source control plug-ins for Visual Studio.

How to: View a List of Checked-out Files

Describes how to use the Pending Checkins window to display a list of the checked-out files in the current solution.

Introducing Source Control

Provides an introduction to source control in Visual Studio.

Source Control User Interface Reference

Provides technical information about the dialog boxes supported by source control for Visual Studio.

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