This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

XML Web Services in Managed Code

XML Web services provides the ability to exchange messages in a loosely coupled environment using standard protocols such as HTTP, XML, XSD, SOAP, and WSDL. The messages can be structured and typed or loosely defined. Because standard protocols serve as the basis for XML Web services, your XML Web service applications can communicate with a broad variety of implementations, platforms, and devices. The topics in this section focus on how to create and deploy XML Web services and how to access XML Web services in managed code. See the list below for links to other topics that discuss XML Web services.

In This Section

Introduction to Programming XML Web Services in Managed Code
Describes the XML Web services programming model in managed code.
XML Web Services Walkthroughs
Demonstrates creation and access of XML Web services using Visual C#, Visual Basic, ATL Server, and Managed Extensions for C++.
Creating XML Web Services in Managed Code
Describes the process of creating and deploying XML Web services.
Accessing XML Web Services in Managed Code
Describes the process of accessing XML Web services from a variety of managed code application types.

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Walkthrough: Creating a Distributed Application
Demonstrates the creation and access of an XML Web service for returning and updating data using managed code.
Customizing SOAP Messages
Describes how to customize SOAP messages, including how to work with various XML encoding methods.
Using SOAP Headers
Describes how to utilize SOAP headers in XML Web services created using ASP.NET and how to include additional information with SOAP messages.
Debugging Preparation: ASP.NET Web Service Projects
Instructions on how to enable debugging in XML Web services and how to change the build configuration.
XML Web Services
Describes the use of XML Web services in Duwamish 7.0.
Decision Chart
Provides a graphical, linked guide to decisions about designing your application.