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The framework calls this member function when the user clicks an authorable button.

afx_msg void OnTCard( 
   UINT idAction, 
   DWORD dwActionData  


Indicates the action the user has taken. This parameter can be one of these values:

  • IDABORT    The user clicked an authorable Abort button.

  • IDCANCEL    The user clicked an authorable Cancel button.

  • IDCLOSE    The user closed the training card.

  • IDHELP    The user clicked an authorable Windows Help button.

  • IDIGNORE    The user clicked an authorable Ignore button.

  • IDOK    The user clicked an authorable OK button.

  • IDNO    The user clicked an authorable No button.

  • IDRETRY    The user clicked an authorable Retry button.

  • HELP_TCARD_DATA    The user clicked an authorable button. The dwActionData parameter contains a long integer specified by the help author.

  • HELP_TCARD_NEXT    The user clicked an authorable Next button.

  • HELP_TCARD_OTHER_CALLER    Another application has requested training cards.

  • IDYES    The user clicked an authorable Yes button.


If idAction specifies HELP_TCARD_DATA, this parameter is a long integer specified by the help author. Otherwise, this parameter is zero.

This function is called only when an application has initiated a training card with Windows Help. An application initiates a training card by specifying the HELP_TCARD command in a call to the WinHelp function.

Header: afxwin.h

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