This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

MASM Features in Visual C++ 2005

This topic lists the new MASM features in Visual C++ 2005.

The following features are new for MASM in Visual C++ 2005:

  • MASM expressions are now 64-bit values. In previous versions MASM expressions were 32-bit values.

  • The instruction __asm int 3 now causes a function to be compiled to native. For more information, see __asm.

  • ALIAS (MASM) is now documented.

  • /ERRORREPORT ml.exe and ml64.exe option is added.

  • .FPO is now documented.

  • H2INC.exe will not ship in Visual C++ 2005. If you need to continue to use H2INC, use H2INC.exe from a previous version of Visual C++.

  • operator IMAGEREL has been added.

  • operator HIGH32 has been added.

  • operator LOW32 has been added.

  • ml64.exe is a version of MASM for the x64 architecture. It assembles x64 .asm files into x64 object files. Inline assembly language is not supported in the x64 compiler. For more information, see MASM for x64 (ml64.exe).

    The following MASM directives have been added for ml64.exe (x64):

    In addition, the PROC directive was updated with x64-only syntax.

  • MMWORD directive has been added

  • /omf (ML.exe command line option) now implies /c. ML.exe does not support linking OMF format objects.

  • The SEGMENT directive now supports additional attributes.

  • operator SECTIONREL has been added.

  • XMMWORD directive has been added