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IPropertyNotifySinkCP Class

This class exposes IPropertyNotifySink interface as an outgoing interface on a connectable object.

template< class T, class CDV = CComDynamicUnkArray >
class IPropertyNotifySinkCP : 
public IConnectionPointImpl< T, &IID_IPropertyNotifySink, CDV >


Your class, derived from IPropertyNotifySinkCP.
A class that manages the connections between a connection point and its sinks. The default value is CComDynamicUnkArray, which allows unlimited connections. You can also use CComUnkArray, which specifies a fixed number of connections.


The IPropertyNotifySink interface allows a sink object to receive notifications about property changes. Class IPropertyNotifySinkCP exposes this interface as an outgoing interface on a connectable object. The client must implement the IPropertyNotifySink methods on the sink.

Derive your class from IPropertyNotifySinkCP when you want to create a connection point that represents the IPropertyNotifySink interface.

For more information about using connection points in ATL, see the article Connection Points.


Header: atlctl.h

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