This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

File Types and File Extensions in Visual Studio 

Visual Studio supports a large number of file types and their associated file extensions. This topic includes a list of file types specific to Visual Studio. A complete list of extensions of files supported by Visual Studio and its designers and tools is not within the scope of this topic; however, you can search for a file extension in the index to get a list of related topics.

Visual Studio uses two file types (.sln and .suo) to store settings specific to solutions. These files, known collectively as solution files, provide Solution Explorer with the information it needs to display a graphical interface for managing your files. They allow you to concentrate on your projects and final goals rather than on the environment itself each time you return to your development tasks.

Extension Name Description


Visual Studio Solution

Organizes projects, project items and solution items into the solution by providing the environment with references to their locations on disk.


Solution User Options

Records all of the options that you might associate with your solution so that each time you open it, it includes customizations that you have made.